25 beds for people over the age of 18 with Mental Health problems (MD). This is the area where we care for some extremely complex needs.

Together with the MDT and close observation by staff, we have very good success with some very challenging problems. Occasionally because of our well trained staff who have excellent working relationships with our clients we can all enjoy a clients birthday and even have a DJ come and put on a disco for us all.

Here we have 4 double and 9 single rooms in a more secure environment. Toilets and bathrooms are located around the building.

8 beds for people over the age of 18 with a Mental Health or Learning Disability. Here we have 8 single rooms. This area is on the first floor, therefore is only suitable for those who are more mobile. There is a communal lounge, bathroom and toilets. To assist in promoting independence and maintaining their skills, there is a kitchen in this area of the home.

This area is used for residents who can have some challenging issues either of a mental health or learning disability perspective.

We have 13 single rooms and 2 double rooms. All rooms have washing facilities, with toilets and a bathroom located nearby.

We have a small kitchen in this area of the home, which if appropriate can be used on a one to one basis with staff to maintain life skills and independence. There is access to a secure garden area, enabling residents to go outside safely, without having to be watched constantly by anyone.

25 beds for people with Dementia or similar conditions over the age of 55.

Here we have 13 single and 6 double rooms, all of which are en-suite.

Married couples or partners can easily be accommodated in the double rooms as the rooms are large enough to take a double bed if desired and still have a large sitting area.

16 beds for people age 18-65 with a Mental Health or Learning Disability diagnosis. This is a modern 2 storey building which is purpose built to provide excellent accommodation and care provision for people with a Learning Disability or Mental Health problem who require input to improve their potential to eventually live in the community.

On the ground floor there are 7 single rooms. All are en-suite and feature timed, temperature controlled showers, thus enabling residents to maintain dignity and independence without the risks of scolding and forgetting to turn the water off. 1 room is specifically designed to provide accommodation for wheelchair users, with it’s own wet room shower and toilet.

There is also an assisted bathroom, which is a “wet room”, where there is another shower and a Jacuzzi style bath to provide therapeutic stimulating massage, which can help to relieve anxiety, stress and aching muscles. There is a communal lounge and dining area, with a kitchen for residents and staff to make drinks and snacks. Cooking, under supervision, can be undertaken by residents who are assessed to do so.

Access to the first floor is gained by a lift or staircase inside the front door, which leads to two separate flats. One flat consists of 4 en-suite bedrooms, with a fully fitted kitchen. The second flat is exactly the same, but with 5 bedrooms, all en-suite. Residents will be encouraged, and supported, to do some simple cookery and to take care of their own washing and cleaning of their rooms. These activities will be timetabled as part of their personalised daily plan. Activities will include basic numeracy and literacy, budgeting and using public transport. Residents will be encouraged to take college courses and to take part in work experiences away from the home, when available and possible.

The Bungalow is situated next door to the main buildings. This is split into 2 single and 1 double bed sit type rooms. Those living in The Bungalow do not require as close supervision as other areas of the Home, although staff are on-call 24 hours a day to provide support and assistance.