Howson Care Centre Compassionate * Personalised * Caring

Welcome to Howson Care Centre Ltd

Howson Care Centre, provides person centred care that maintains the independence and individual needs of service users. We provide the support you need whilst respecting your independance, privacy and dignity . Howson Care Centre encourages choice, fulfilment and freedom of movement, continued relationships with family and friends and an active interest in the home and local community

Why choose Howson Care Centre?

We believe it’s our sense of ‘family’ that has respect and friendliness at the heart of everything, Our experienced team take a holistic approach to care, and we are proud a comprehensive, personal service from your very first enquiry

Quality of care

Ensure Quality and thoughtful care as our priority in all our actions.

Repect everyone

Respect and accept cultural, religious, social, emotional, intellectual and ethnic needs.

Safe environment

Provide a safe, supportive environment where service users have the opportunity to enhance their quality of live.


Ensure service users are free from all forms of abuse (safeguarding policy available on request).

Homely environment

Maintain dignity and individuality in a comfortable and homely environment.

Advocate support

Ensure that service users have access to a relative, friend or advisor, who as an advocate has a facility to pursue matter on their behalf

Social well-being

Stimulate and maintain physical and mental activity and social well-being.

We Strive

We Strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do.