In The Kitchen


Here’s a sneak peak inside the kitchen here at Howson Care Centre 🍽To keep up to date with what they have cooking, pop over to Instagram and follow their page ‘inthekitchenathowsoncarecent...

Celebrated the life of Prince Philip


Today we celebrated the life of Prince Philip.May you rest in peace

National Reflection Day


Today is National Reflection Day. We have spent the day colouring daffodils which resemble new beginnings and making other beautiful crafts. Today we remember each and every loved one who has passed t...

Cliff Bradley & Sons Funeral Directors


What a thoughtful sentiment from such a caring family company At Cliff Bradley & Sons we understand that after the #funeral is the beginning of your future journey. We want to continue to #supp...

Firework Display 2020


Tonight the ones we care for enjoyed our firework display Fingers crossed that next year you’ll all be able to join usHere’s a few pictures for you all to enjoy

Visiting update


**Visiting update** We are pleased to confirm that we remain able to support visiting for the nominated individual during this lockdown period. We would like to encourage family and friends to main...

Mental Health Awareness Week


‘The most fragile people are the ones who appear the strongest’ It only takes a moment to check that someone is ok ❣ That moment could make the world of difference to someone who is str...

What a lovely surprise


What a lovely surprise 🥰Thank you to everyone for showing your appreciation! We will continue to do all we can to support and to keep you all safe❤

Mental health awareness week 2020


So, today sees the last day of mental health awareness week 2020 💚 We are all aware that people dont just suffer from mental illnesses for one week of the year.♡Continue to check on those around yo...